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I am super passionate about helping people realise their true potential, and I believe this starts by making a commitment to showing up consistenty, no matter what that looks like - with a willingness, and a desire to create the healthiest version of yourself.

I address these aspects in all areas of my life - health, career, finances, relationships, family, spirituality. In my opinon, if I am struggling in one area, this will be showing up in all areas of my life. With this concept in mind, I take a holistic approach with myself, addressing the limiting beliefs, the self-sabotaging behaviours, the unhealthy eating patterns, mindset and of course movement. And this is how I provided myself with the tools to change my life. Overcoming addiction, eating disorders, suicide, and ultimately creating the life of my dreams.

I have over 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. I have studied extensively, completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Physiotherapy with Honours, as well as a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. Although, this has equipped me with the tools to provide expert advice about the physiology of the body, and how best to rehabilitate an injury. The most inspiring and experimental experience is the last 10 years was spent working in third world countries offering my skills, in exchange for knowledge and experience. It was more valuable than the study combined. I was faced with the the impacts of real life, real suffering and real strength. The people of Peru taught me.. when you surrender to life's challenges, and use courage to move through the obstacles, you found freedom, and became fearless! That’s when all the mental barriers subside and the magic happens!

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