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5 ways to improve you pelvic floor strength at Medimove Exercise Physiology Byron bay

5 ways you can build pelvic floor strength

This one is for the ladies! Have you already been through menopause, or are you currently experiencing symptoms of - hot flushes - increased urinary frequency - bulging sensations, or a - reduced libido? Chances are you may be experiencing what the scientists like to call vaginal decent changes...🤦🏽‍♀️ 🙅🏽‍♀️ Could they actually explain it in a more appealing way please!! This terminology is all over the research, so it's hard to deny... but what does it really mean? Let’s...

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Healy – the innovative vibrational frequency device to harmonise the body

Healy – the innovative vibrational frequency device to harmonise the body.

Hey Tribe, I wanted you guys to be the first to know... the exciting launch of this incredible product is here. As a health practitioner, I've noticed over the last 6 months, everyone is becoming more health aware. This is great, I love it, but did we need a pandemic to put our health first?! I see this mindset all the time, consider the old saying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'... unfortunately I see a lot of people...

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Prescription Drug Overdoses try a Medimove Treatment Plan

What meds are you taking? Recent research shows 800 Australians per year are dying from prescription drug overdoses.

Polypharmacy is unfortunately a story I hear about too often. It’s become so prevalent in the industry; I feel the need to express my concerns about this issue. Firstly, I would like to highlight I work closely with Doctors and I respect their ethics, conduct and practice greatly. The aim of this blog is to bring awareness, not attack certain professions. It’s no secret, there have been several high profile deaths as a result of polypharmacy - Heath Ledger, Michael...

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What is an Exercise Physiologist, and what do we actually do?

Did you know the right movement is the best medicine for us? Ok so these days most people are after a quick fix, or a pill to fix everything or anything… Right?! Yep, it’s true! As an Exercise Physiologist, and a health advocate, I spent years searching for a profession that resonated with me, to the core of my being. I studied, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Osteopathy and Clinical Exercise Physiology. I ended up sticking with the latter, mainly because I realised,...

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How to exercise SMART recommended by Medimove Exercise Physiologist

How to exercise SMART

As an Exercise Physiologist, with years of experience spent studying the body, I’ve learnt how to study smart! And what I’ve realised is the same technique can be applied to eating and exercising. Once we know and understand the body, we can trick the mind into doing what the body needs. WHAT WE KNOW -  in order to MAINTAIN OUR WEIGHT, we need to be completing 3.5 HOURS of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise PER WEEK. Cardiovascular exercise is your; swimming,...

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Cleanse and detox to naturally kill parasites in the body speak to Medimove today

The fastest way to kill parasites.. naturally! Over 50% of the population is infected with intestinal parasites.

It’s so nice to be out of the Pilates studio and enjoying the sunshine in the bay today. This month’s topic is in no means glamorous but this is happening, a lot! Those that know me know I LOVE to TRAVEL… who doesn’t. I especially LOVE experiencing the food and the culture in third world countries. There is something about the perspective you gain when traveling through these magical places that fills my heart with immense love and gratitude. But really,...

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Diet meditation and exercise can reduce brain fog in five minutes

How to get rid of brain fog in just 5 minutes!

Did you know sugar is more addictive than cocaine? When we consume too much sugar our brain goes into what I like to call a LOWER state of CONSCIOUSNESS. Have you ever had that feeling where you feel like the ground is crumbling underneath you and all the walls are caving in… YES?… that feeling!  Well, that feeling is when our lower brain is in full force! It is our limbic centre, or more commonly known as the emotional centre....

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Why I love the Freedom Era

Why I love the Freedom Era and how it’s changed my life   I’m the type of person that thought I could do everything alone, but what I’ve realised recently is my energy is not well spent hustling and overworking to get all the things done, especially the things that don’t excite me. I’ve learnt that in order to create abundance and happiness, we have to be doing things that excite us.   For years I’ve been working overtime trying...

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Healthy eating, healthy living

Healthy chocolate blueberry slice

Yep you read that right... Chocolate and healthy in the same sentence. Winning!!   For the past few years I've been on a journey with food, basically it started to rid my body of parasites. I eliminated sugar, diary, processed foods, wheat, gluten, and white rice. It was an adjustment, but it was a blessing in disguise. I haven't always had a good relationship with food, I was once Bulimic and I would often binge eat sugar, pasta and bread....

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How to make tinted sunscreen at home…

I don’t know about you, but as I get older and watch my skin age with this hot Aussie sun, I want to be more conscious of the products I am using on my skin. Especially when it comes to using chemicals. You are probably aware, our skin is our largest organ, so why aren't we more discerning about what we use on our skin? Since I was a kid, I’ve been lathering my body with all sorts of chemicals,...

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