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How Reformer Pilates can transform your body in just 4 weeks at Medimove Exercise Physiology Byron bay

How Reformer Pilates can transform your body in just 4 weeks!

Incase you didn’t know, at Medimove Exercise Physiology, we are Reformer Pilates experts!

Reformer Pilates is a mind-body workout connecting the body to the breath. Reformer Pilates is designed to target specific muscles groups, by allowing the body to stay in a relatively rested position.
For the bulk of a reformer Pilates class in our studio, you will be laying down, which enables you to tune into your body, synchronising the movement with your breath, giving you that strong mind-body connection, and highlighting your areas of weakness, so we can understand the exercise rehabilitation quickly!
The reformer Pilates equipment also provides a supportive platform for you to build strength, confidence, and flexibility without the additional force of gravity.
A typical class provides a variety of slow, continual movement using pelvic floor strength, and coordination. The quality of each posture is more important than the number of repetitions. But don’t worry if you are not the coordinated type, we can slow it down until you get it!
You see what we know is… when we combined cognitive and physical exercise it facilitates neural plasticity. So you are literally building a new pathway in your brain while you exercise.
Amazing right!… So be patient with yourself while you learn this!
Transitioning to functional mobility after an injury can be hard, so can finding the motivation and confidence to train. I find reformer Pilates to be the most effective and achievable form of exercise for all ages groups. I can be working with a 28-year-old male in the same class as a 70-year-old female, and both are effectively challenged and supported.

As an exercise physiologist, I am trained to identify your areas of weakness, and help you strengthen them safely and efficiently.

The majority of my clients start with an introduction to the reformer Pilates equipment, and when the confidence builds they simply love it so much they commit to a couple of sessions per week.
A package of 2-3 sessions per week is precisely how you will transform your body in just 4 weeks!
As the founder Joseph Pilates would say – “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, in 30 sessions you will have a new body”
This is why I offer small group reformer Pilates classes to support you in this transition, and ensure you are getting the necessary attention required.
The groups are clinically and individually based to support your needs and functional level.
There are 4-5 people per group, and classes range from $23 – $35.
Classes are held 5 times per week – See my services page for the class schedule.
Bookings essential.
Contact me directly to book your session today!
If you want more information on reformer Pilates in our studio check out this video or contact me directly for more info.
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