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The Key oils for reducing muscle soreness and stress at Medimove Exercise Physiology Byron bay

The key oils for reducing muscle soreness and stress

Ahhhh is the first word that comes flowing out of my mouth the moment my back hits the bath tub! I never really used to love taking a bath, but recently, since moving into my new home, I’ve made a lot more TIME for MYSELF, and just love sitting in SILENCE.
Putting YOURSELF and your needs FIRST, is certainly the most BENEFICIAL WAY TO REDUCE STRESS. It’s hard when you have kids, but if you have great communication, and a work/life balance happening with your partner, you can certainly create the time, and tag team supervising the kids!
I have been someone who has always put others needs first, thankfully as I’ve learnt to put my own needs first, I’ve started to naturally create more ME TIME.
As the summer months roll out, I have heaps of people expressing their desire to get TONED, TIGHT, fit and healthy. That is natural, however as you get more fit, your muscles will naturally become sore. Even I’ve been feeling it a lot lately as I hit the Pilates bench more often, and reduce that winter coat. Particularly, if It’s an old injury that likes to resurface every now and again.
This is why it’s so important to FIRSTLY STRETCH after a workout, and SECONDLY SOAK, using ESSENTIAL OILS and MAGNESIUM SALTS.
NO BATH, IT’S OK, you can apply the oils topically – to the skin, in order to achieve a similar effect. Or you can take magnesium tablets – make sure it’s a good brand though, as the cheap brands like to fill the tablet with chalk. I recommend sticking with DoTerra essential oils for incredible quality, and Amazing oils for magnesium, all of which we stock it in the Byron Bay Exercise Physiology studio.
THE KEY ESSENTIAL OILS I have found the most beneficial for REDUCING STRESS and INFLAMMATION are;
1. LAVENDER – is my favourite go-to essential oil, and doesn’t move far from my bed or my bag! It’s incredible for reduce pain, anxiety, and inducing relaxation. It’s an anti-inflammatory, and its scent works by activating the parasympathetic nervous system – telling your body to rest. It has sedative compounds, reduces muscle tension, spasms, join pain and headaches.
2. FRANKINCENSE – is a mild SEDATIVE with powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. Facilitating pain reduction and relieving stress.
3. ROSEMARY – is an ANTISPASMODIC and ANALGESIC, meaning it acts as a pain killer and suppresses muscle spasms. It can also help reduce headaches, and joint pain. If you have the time and not the money, you can make rosemary oil in batches – a general google search will bring up multiple recipes.
4. GINGER – is well known for easing pain of BACKACHES, as it works as an anti-inflammatory on the joints, increasing mobility, and flexibility almost instantly. Perfect for people with arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It can be juiced, sliced into peppermint tea, or drop the essential oil directly into hot water and drink.
5. Peppermint – often used as a remedies for HEADACHES AND ITCHING, peppermint oil, is also a strong anti-inflammatory. It works more so topically, applied to the skin it can reduce inflammation in the muscle, reduce aches and nerve pain.
6. Copaiba – comes from South American tree, works really well used in combination with DoTerra Ice Blu rub. This is a natural form of deep heat, and is a topical anti-inflammatory rub, perfect to relieve muscle soreness after a big workout.
If you haven’t used DoTerra essential oil products before there are many medicinal and therapeutic benefits of these beautiful plants. Feel free to reach out for more details or click here. If you want to try a free oil massage in the Bryon studio Contact me directly for details.
So there is no excuse, you have the tools, if you’re in pain it can be that simple.
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