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What are you creating this year blog at Medimove Exercise Physiology Byron bay

What are you creating this year?

Change is the only guarantee in life, yet so many of us, me included at times, can resist change. People can spend their lifetime wondering what they are here to achieve. What is their purpose? Often we think it is something elaborate, when it can simply be to spread love and laughter to everyone you meet. What a gift that is to the world!
MY GREATEST PASSION as an exercise physiologist is helping people REALISE THEIR TRUE POTENTIAL. I believe I am here to guide people back to an understanding of what their body really needs. After all, you have all the answers within you, if you can trust the advice of some trained professionals and your own body’s wisdom enough, big changes will occur. As the view of yourself improves, the finer details like diet and exercise become easier. I SEE PEOPLE BECOME EMPOWERED, AS THEY DEVELOP AN INNATE ABILITY TO TUNE INTO THEIR BODY and listen to what it desires, rather than simply running on auto pilot.
This passion started for me with a-lot of self-enquiry, and the thing is, once you start exploring within, it’s almost impossible to stop! It actually feels really good to lift those blocks and find the juiciness underneath. I admire people that take this journey, because when the barriers preventing us from making healthier lifestyle changes are overcome, the results are endless!
The PHILOSOPHY AT MEDIMOVE EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY IS TO EMPOWER PEOPLE TO FIND SOLUTIONS TO CREATE HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE CHOICES that are in alignment with their true nature, so it’s sustainable and achievable with ease.
To help you achieve this and more in 2022, we encourage you to take the approach below to really set up your year powerfully!
Addressing each area of life;

– Career

– Finances

– Environment

– Love

– Health

– Family

– Home

– Relationships

– Growth

– Spirit

If some of these don’t resonate, use ones that do. It doesn’t need to be a massive task. You can add to it as you go throughout the year. But once you get into a flow the dreams will pile in.

Focus on how you want to feel, visualise where you will be, what you’ll look like, who will be there, what it will feel like, smell like, taste like. Go into details.

Think big.

Get creating.

This is your life! Live it large!

The secret to making all this happen is to connect with it weekly, read over it, and feel the changes occur within you. You can really create the life you want!


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