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Medimove, your experts in The Science of Connection in Byron Bay & Southeast Queensland.

Are you craving more stability in your mind and body?

Have you ever wondered how to really connect with yourself and your partner?

In this workshop you will learn to reconnect your brain to your body through deep neuromuscular connection. An interactive, experimental and educational workshop.

Benefits of The science of Connection

The science of connection is a metaphor for life. When we learn to connect to our body on a very deep level, we create a strong foundation, which provides stability and security in the body. When we simple focus on developing superficial structures, you will simply get a superficial outcome. You see the majority of people have poor neuromuscular connection, which can lead to lower back pain, pelvic instability and shoulder instability to name a few.

In this workshop you will be learning how to engage the deep pelvic structures that create foundational stability for our body, heightening our sexuality with coordinated breath.

You will gain education around the current influx of disconnected brains to bodies, and how this can block us from feeling and experiencing, intimacy and pleasure.